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  • Kasper responds: Cardinals are attacking the Pope

    VATICAN CITY — The extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family will not open until Oct. 5, but some of its most prominent members are already publicly debating what is bound to be one of its most controversial topics: the eligibility of divorced and civilly remarried Catholics to receive Communion.

  • The old debate on divorce and Communion has a new wildcard: Francis

    The old debate on divorce and Communion has a new wildcard: Francis

    As summer turns to autumn, the most compelling storyline in Rome is a highly anticipated summit of Catholic bishops from around the world, which shapes up as a key test of how much the status quo in the Church has been upended by a charismatic pope from a foreign land

  • Pope begins pilgrimage with political edge in Jordan

    AMMAN, Jordan — Pope Francis may have characterized his three-day swing this weekend to the Middle East as an “exclusively religious” pilgrimage, but on day one in Jordan he struck a couple of notes that sounded an awful lot like politics. On Saturday, the pope met 400 young refugees and

  • Francis shows political instincts in naming antiabuse panel

    Pope Francis captured the imagination of the world within hours after his election a year ago through his flashes of humility, and that’s not just a PR facade. In Argentina, he was known as a “bishop of the villas,” referring to the vast slums that ring Buenos Aires, because he

  • Pope’s new financial fixer has instincts of linebacker

    ROME — If the Vatican were, say, Walmart or Microsoft, the practices its new financial czar is vowing to implement would hardly seem revolutionary. For instance, Australian Cardinal George Pell says he wants “two sets of eyes on everything,” meaning the same people won’t be making budget decisions and policing

  • Legionaries are Pope Francis’ problem now

    It’s a measure of how bad things have become for the scandal-plagued Legionaries of Christ that the first question a journalist feels obliged to ask the religious order’s new leader is, “Have you ever sexually abused anyone?” For the record, the answer of Father Eduardo Robles Gil Orvañanos was, “I