HAGATNA, Guam — Thieves broke into a school this week and stole an inflatable Santa along with Christmas decorations set up to celebrate the school’s 70th anniversary, the school principal said.

The thieves used tools Tuesday to rip open holes in a gate to the campus of Santa Barbara Catholic School, said Principal Sister Maria Rosario Gaite.

Decorations were also stolen from an ungated part of the school several weeks ago, Gaite said.

“We were really, really affected by it,” Gaite said, adding that the thefts have been reported to police.

The display named Spartan Christmas Village was set up with the Santa, Christmas trees and nativity scenes, nutcrackers and lights, the Pacific Daily News reported.

“I wanted, during this time of the pandemic, to lift the spirits of our students and our families,” Gaite said.

As of Wednesday, the three nativity scenes and some lights were still on display.

“Probably, people are in need, people are really suffering and these are desperate times,” Gaite said. “It’s just unfortunate that they had to do it through this means. I pray for those people who did it to us. I want to continue to spread the message of hope and the message of love and the message of peace.”