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    As Pope Francis gives Sweden a cardinal, what's behind his Scandinavian push?

    Although the plates were already shifting towards Sweden as the lead actor for Catholicism in the Nordic countries before Francis came along, the signs of interest and favor have multiplied on his watch, including giving Sweden its first-ever cardinal this week. Evangelical opportunities, immigration and ecumenism may all lie in the background of the pope's Swedish outreach.

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    Holiness gone wild: Spiritual flourishing in diversity and disability

    Redemptive suffering becomes a witness in the world – and that is one reason why we need the stories of saints who had disabilities. Theologian Pia Matthews has written a new book where she looks at life with her own daughter who has complicated disabilities, as well as how her family has learned to appreciate that the great gifts they have received are not the only gifts on offer.

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    Why the Pontifical Academy for Life must be unapologetically pro-life

    Whatever the admirable intentions of the leadership of the Pontifical Academy for Life, the real-world effect of appointing a pro-choice member is the same as if they had appointed a pro-slavery advocate: The appearance in the public eye that the Church does not take its teaching against abortion as seriously as it once did. This has a direct impact upon pro-life advocates on the ground, who stand exposed to the accusation of being "more Catholic" than the Vatican.

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  • Judge blocks deportation of Chaldeans and other Iraqis
    Judge blocks deportation of Chaldeans and other Iraqis
    • June 25, 2017

    Clarence Dass, an attorney representing many Iraqi Christians the U.S. government wants deported deported, said he was “ecstatic” over a court decision delaying the order. “When your life is on the line, each day is a victory. And in this case, 14 days,” Dass said. “We now have the breathing room to ensure that every individual detained has the proper motions filed and, ultimately, a chance to be heard. The work continues.”


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  • Military Archdiocese faces uphill battle to serve troops
    Military Archdiocese faces uphill battle to serve troops
    • June 24, 2017

    The Archdiocese for the Military Services is charged with pastoral care of Catholics in the military, in all five branches, their dependents, any Catholic who is a patient or a resident on a facility governed by the Department of Veteran Affairs, and any U.S. Catholic who works for the Federal Government outside the United States. It is estimated 1.8 million Catholics are under its pastoral care, but it only has 208 priests currently serving.