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    As Catholic leaders convene, St. Joseph's College forms the faithful

    [Editor's Note: The following is paid advertising.] In one week, Catholic bishops and diocesan delegates from around the country will convene in Orlando, Florida, for a historic Convocation of Catholic Leaders. Saint Joseph’s College Online Theology Program will be there to offer dioceses educational support and opportunities to form the faithful as they embark on this new adventure.

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    Mysterious exit of Vatican auditor begs question: Is reform even possible?

    Almost a week later, it remains mysterious why Libero Milone, an Italian businessman and auditing expert hired in 2015 for a five-year term as the Vatican's first-ever Auditor General, abruptly resigned. Whatever the case, the optics don't seem encouraging in terms of the current state of Pope Francis's reform effort.

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    Spiritually speaking, 'Ordinary Time' is anything but

    Ordinary Time exemplifies the old Jesuit motto: Age quod agis, “Do what you’re doing.” Namely, we are told, don’t worry about tomorrow, or yesterday. Don’t worry about this afternoon or this morning. It stresses God as the Eternal Now, humbling us with the lesson that we are most with God when we are in the present moment.

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  • Thirsty for more! Options for ‘doing’ Jerusalem
    Thirsty for more! Options for ‘doing’ Jerusalem
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    [The following is paid advertising.] Pilgrimage is hard work, not a vacation, if the latter means easy-going relaxation, sightseeing, comfortable surroundings and shooting video! If you’re looking for a rich pilgrimage experience in Jerusalem, consider the Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem.


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