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    British author challenges dubia cardinals, calls abuse of Pope 'satanic'

    Stephen Walford, a British Catholic author, has challenged the four cardinals who submitted doubts about 'Amoris Laetitita' to Pope Francis to change course, arguing they're largely wrong on the merits and also fueling a 'satanic' form of abuse directed at the pontiff on traditionalist and conservative websites and blogs.

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    Cardinal Sarah against the dictatorship of noise

    In a new book, Cardinal Robert Sarah warns against equating silence with simply staying quiet: Silence is the manifestation of a presence, "the most intense of all presences." The cardinal says modern man is capable of all sorts of noise, all sorts of wars, and so many solemn false statements, in an infernal chaos, because he has excluded God from his life.

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    Myanmar cardinal calls for independent investigation of war crime allegations

    Cardinal Charles Bo has called on the government of Myanmar to move away from “positions that are not conducive to peace and its good name in the international community,” but also called on the supporters of the Rohingyas to “move forward maximizing peace based on justice at every opportunity.”

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  • Vatican calls on China to let bishop exercise his ministry
    Vatican calls on China to let bishop exercise his ministry
    • June 27, 2017

    Tensions in Vatican-China relations have increased after a bishop was placed in government custody prohibiting him from assuming leadership of his diocese. Vatican spokesmen have said that such episodes do not foster the kind of understanding that the Church wants to reach with the Chinese government.


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  • Military Archdiocese faces uphill battle to serve troops
    Military Archdiocese faces uphill battle to serve troops
    • June 24, 2017

    The Archdiocese for the Military Services is charged with pastoral care of Catholics in the military, in all five branches, their dependents, any Catholic who is a patient or a resident on a facility governed by the Department of Veteran Affairs, and any U.S. Catholic who works for the Federal Government outside the United States. It is estimated 1.8 million Catholics are under its pastoral care, but it only has 208 priests currently serving.