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    From Europe to India, Christians seek unity in era of division

    Though calls for building bridges may seem out of touch in a time when politics seems more interested in walls, the January 18-25 Week of Prayer for Christian Unity finds Christians from Europe to India refusing to give up the goal.

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    How reporters got the Pope's telegram to Trump wrong

    A telegram (yes, the Vatican still uses that word) from Pope Francis to Trump was spun as a dramatic challenge to the new president over the poor. In fact, it was largely a cut-and-paste operation from previous such messages, illustrating the importance of context in reporting papal news.

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    The papal obsession with getting close and concrete

    The Pope's "El Pais" interview was about many things yet mainly about one: the need for the Church to be close to people, and concrete. Francis is convinced that the greatest threat to the contemporary age is gnosticism, which shows itself in the Church as fundamentalism and legalism.

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