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    Bishops in India meet with government official about anti-Christian harassment

    A group of Catholic bishops in India has met with a state official about a series of incidents involving the harassment of Christian services by right wing activists accusing churches of trying to forcibly convert Hindus. The Church in India says it takes strong measures to assure anyone seeking baptism is making a free choice, and not coerced in any way.

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    Ireland could legalize abortion just as Pope Francis visits the country

    Pope Francis’ expected visit to Ireland in 2018 for the World Meeting of Families will be happening during one of the most intense political debates in recent decades. On Sunday, a Citizens’ Assembly proposed the country change protections for the unborn in the constitution. The announcement came just two years after another referendum legalized same-sex marriage in the predominantly Catholic state.

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    The 'Benedict Option' is not enough

    Theologian Michael Baxter offers a critique of “The Benedict Option,” in which writer Rod Dreher proposes Christians withdraw from political life in America. Baxter says Dreher is right to seek a more robust form of Christian commitment shaping how we live, but has a flawed understanding of how “Christian” the United States has been in the past.

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  • Pope Francis deploys his power over the past

    Pope Francis deploys his power over the past

    • April 25, 2017

    When Pope Francis travels to the small Italian town of Bozzolo on June to pray at the tomb of Don Primo Mazzolari, the renowned “pastor of Bozzolo,” he’ll be exercising his primacy not over the present so much as the past — specifically, his ability to decide which Catholic figures of the past are celebrated, and, when necessary, rehabilitated.


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  • Pope Francis says devil is behind anti-Christian persecution

    Pope Francis says devil is behind anti-Christian persecution

    • April 22, 2017

    Leading a prayer service in memory of the Christian martyrs of the 20th and 21st centuries, Pope Francis also spoke about a woman whose name he doesn’t know, but who “looks down on us from heaven.” He got to know her through her husband, a Muslim refugee who Francis encountered in Greece. The woman, whom the pope described as a martyr, was a Christian beheaded by terrorists after refusing to throw away a cross she was wearing.

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  • Hurting in the Church: An honest look at human realities
    Hurting in the Church: An honest look at human realities
    • April 24, 2017

    In his new book ‘Hurting in the Church: A Way Forward for Wounded Catholics,’ Father Thomas Berg says he wants priests to listen to the experiences of hurting Catholics. He says the book is an invitation to a kind of Church-wide self-examination: Where have we failed in charity? Why is our day-to-day, interpersonal living of that Christ-like gift of self, agape-love, so languid at times, so passive, so anemic?