MARTINSBURG, West Virginia — In the past three weeks, 75 meals have been given away to individuals needing them in Martinsburg.

“Faith Feeding Freedom,” started by Toni Wiesberg, will be feeding the homeless, elderly and low income individuals at The Martinsburg Library at 11:30 a.m. every Friday.

Wiesberg, who has a strong passion for helping others, encourages individuals to come out to the library to help.

“If you know someone who is low income or just does not have the means for lunch, we are here and we will gladly give it to them,” she said. “If you need prayer, we are here for that as well.”

Two years ago, Wiesberg said she was helping to look for a missing young woman in Hagerstown, Maryland, when she saw a crowd gathering and decided to see what was going on.

“‘It’s a Blessing to be a Blessing’ was feeding the homeless on the streets,” she said. “I was so inspired by what she did, I left her a donation and then I text her about what she needed for next week. I was with her for a year and a half, and then in November it was time for me to take a little step out and come to Martinsburg.”

Cheryl Seifert, Pastor Cindy Wilson and Sue Edwards help Wiesberg every Friday. The ladies are also with One Tree Ministries in Hedgesville.

“We are here to help and support Toni’s dream and vision,” Wilson said.

Wiesberg said she hopes “Faith Feeding Freedom” will soon be registered as a nonprofit.

“Faith feeding freedom. To me it means that I have the faith to step out, that we are feeding the needy and the homeless and then I hope that it gives them the ability to know there is freedom here in the United States,” Wiesberg said. “They can break away from whatever it is that they are dealing with.”

The lunches are either donated or prepared by the ladies, Wiesberg said. Individuals unable to prepare 25 meals can give donations of money, food, toiletries, backpacks, jackets, scarves, hats, gloves, sleeping bags, blankets, etc.

Wiesberg thanked all who have donated so far including Hope with The Haircut Place, who donated six free haircuts and Bombas, which has donated socks.

“(Bombas) said many of times the homeless has told (them) that is the most important things because their feet get so cold,” Wiesberg said. “They are a company that if you buy a pair of socks, they donate a pair of socks to the needy.”

Wiesberg said she can pick-up donations. If interested in donating, email