The live event is over, but you can watch the video recap. If you want subtitles on the pope’s hangout: Click on settings/the round gear in the bottom righthand side of the video on Youtube.

To promote a more inclusive form of education, Pope Francis will hold a Google Hangout with handicapped children from various parts of the world on Thursday to launch an international project of cooperation through technology.

The video conference, a second for Pope Francis, is organized by Scholas Ocurrentes, the pontiff’s pet project that aims to connect schools throughout the world, regardless of the religious orientation or if they are state-run or private institutions.

Pope Francis will be talking with 7 kids in total. Isaias (18), from the United States has growth hormone deficiency. Manoj (13), from India is deaf. Pedro (12), from Brazil has a congenital malformation. Isabel (13) is blind, Bautista (14) has autism, Alicia (17) and Elvira (11) both have down syndrome and all four of them live in Madrid.

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