He’s known for being humble and kind, but when Pope Francis was pulled by over-enthusiastic fans in Mexico — causing him to fall onto a handicapped child in a wheelchair — he lost his cool.

The episode came on Tuesday evening after the pontiff watched a colorful performance by young dancers and singers in the western city of Morelia. On his way out, Francis stopped to greet people along a barrier, particularly a person in front in a wheelchair.

As he reached back to shake hands, some overly eager people grabbed and pulled on his sleeve, causing him to topple forward on top of the handicapped person.

“Don’t be selfish,” he said to the crowd after he got up. But then he was pulled a second time, and he got a quite cross look on his face, saying more sternly, “Don’t be selfish, don’t be selfish.”

Francis took a couple of steps back as appeals came over the public address system asking the crowd not to clump together.

The pontiff continued to wave to people a few minutes more before leaving.

Here’s the video: