Catholic millennials are not exactly overflowing the pews on Sunday mornings nor pushing up the ratings on CatholicTV, best known for broadcasting the Mass and the Rosary.

But starting next week Boston-based CatholicTV will debut “The Lens with Matt Weber,” a zany 31-year-old who once dreamed of working on Sesame Street. His new dream: to help millennials look at culture and the secular world through – thus its title – a faith-based lens.

It’s a tough sell.

But an earnest Weber, with his shaggy mop of hair, ebullient delivery and willingness to ham it up, is a likable TV presence. Sitting behind a big desk like the legendary TV talk stars, he opens his first show: “For all you Bible fans out there, this is our genesis. For our viewers, we hope there is no exodus.”

Bada-bing, bada-boom.

Said Weber about “The Lens,” “The Church doesn’t know what to do with millennials. They still haven’t figured it out. I’m still trying to figure it out. But I want people to know there are pretty normal nice young people still going to church who still pray and care about sacraments,” he said. “I’m putting myself out there, wearing my heart on my sleeve, trying to be as authentic as possible and have some fun.”

There is much joy, he says, in living out the faith.

Weber has also published the book, “Fearing the Stigmata,” which offers a glimpse of his style. Its title came from a fourth grade scare when a young Matt asked his religion teacher why St. Francis had holes in his hands and feet. Those are stigmata, the teacher replied, and Francis “got them because he was a good Catholic.” That night a very nervous grade schooler sinned as much as possible, so he wouldn’t get stigmata, too.

The goal was “holy,” Weber said, not “holey.”

Weber will share “The Lens” stage with Helen Lee, a recent Fordham graduate, and Charles Green, the apparent straight man. The show will premier Monday, May 4 at 9 p.m. and repeats often during the week. CatholicTV airs in Michigan, Hawaii, most of New England, Louisiana, Ohio, parts of Tennessee, the Virgin Islands, and is available via Roku, Google TV, and live streams at