• Actor Mark Wahlberg talks new movie ‘Father Stu’ and his Catholic faith
  • ‘Father Stu’ tells the true story of one man’s journey from boxer to priest
  • See the movie in theaters April 13th (U.S.)

Actor Mark Wahlberg portrays real-life priest Father Stuart Long in his new movie ‘Father Stu’ which opens in U.S. theaters on Wednesday, April 13. Based on a true story, the film follows Long’s unexpected journey from an agnostic amateur boxer to Catholic priest.

Wahlberg explains in this interview how he hopes the movie will inspire both people of faith and those, like Long at the beginning of the film, have fallen away from it.

“I was hoping that we would bring a lot of people to church through the making of this movie; bring a lot of people to the vocation of priesthood,” he continued. 

“[I hope] it reminds people of the importance of never giving up; that redemption is not beyond anybody. This really is a movie that has touched every single person who has seen the film, and I think it will continue to do so.”

Watch the full interview here—and don’t forget to get your tickets to see ‘Father Stu’ in theaters!