SANTIAGO, Chile  — Authorities say that vandals have attacked another Catholic church with firebombs in Chile.

It is the latest in a string of attacks at religious buildings following a visit by Pope Francis to the South American country last week.

Officials say that vandals threw seven firebombs at the church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Chilean capital Monday. Father Modesto Perez says the damage was limited.

Francis issued a partial mea culpa at the end of his trip late Sunday for insisting that those who have accused Chilean Bishop Juan Barros of covering up the abuse of a pedophile priest have shown no “proof” of his guilt and have engaged in “calumny.” However, the comments have sparked an outcry among Chileans and roiled abuse survivors and their advocates.

More than a dozen churches have been damaged by firebombs since Jan. 12.

Crux staff has contributed to this report.