• Should I feel guilty about working for a big-box store?

    Should I feel guilty about working for a big-box store?

    • Dec 28, 2015

    Q. I know that Pope Francis has spoken against big retail corporations, as contributing to economic injustice in the world. I am currently employed by a national pet supply corporation, which, as far as I know, tries to do good things — pay it forward and help both people and

  • Francis has set a clear direction that US bishops should follow

    • Nov 16, 2015

    Whether a pope who has recast the global image of the Catholic Church can also recalibrate the priorities of US Catholic leaders will become clearer this week as more than 300 bishops gather for a key national meeting. The urgent challenges of economic exclusion, racial disparities, and climate change demand

  • Pope Francis apologizes for exploitation of native peoples, calls for economic justice

    • Jul 9, 2015

    SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia — Following the lead of pontiffs before him, Pope Francis apologized Thursday for crimes committed against the native peoples during the so-called conquest of America, and repeated calls for economic justice for the world’s poor. “I say this to you with regret: Many grave sins were committed

  • US bishops can change the conversation

    • Jun 5, 2015

    Hundreds of Catholic bishops will gather in St. Louis this week for a national meeting to set priorities at a time when Pope Francis is shaking up the Church and sparking hope for a better values debate in American politics. A pope who puts poverty, economic inequality, and care for the

  • Why are Catholics so critical of consumerism?

    • Jun 2, 2015

    Pope Francis’ critique of unfettered capitalism and trickle-down economics has unsettled many Catholics who identify as Republicans and proponents of the free market — though more so among political and media elites than conservatives in the pews, who overwhelmingly support the Holy Father. Some have simply ignored Francis’ message, as

  • Pope tells US and Cuban leaders that shaking hands isn’t enough

    • Apr 11, 2015

    ROME — As US President Barack Obama and Cuban President Raul Castro exchanged a handshake on Friday more than five decades in the making, one that Pope Francis played a lead role in making possible, the pontiff urged leaders of the Americas to go beyond such gestures by attacking poverty

  • Pope’s latest interview: I quote the Gospel, they call me a Communist

    • Jan 11, 2015

    ROME — Pope Francis is legendary for his passion for the poor, but in a new interview he insists he’s not driven by a Communist-inspired ideology, but by the cornerstones of the Christian faith and the Gospel. “Caring for our neighbor, for those who are poor, who suffer in body

  • If you are pro-life, you can't be a libertarian

    • Nov 20, 2014

    The right to life is the key principle that animates the pro-life movement. We believe that every single human being has a fundamental right to life. This human right is innate and immutable. Directly and intentionally taking an innocent life is always immoral and indefensible. But if the movement focuses