• It’s time for a preferential option for the family

    • Apr 3, 2015

    Soon families will be gathering together to celebrate Easter. Siblings and cousins might compete in Easter egg hunts. Aunts and uncles might make their biannual appearance at church. And many families will gather around the table to celebrate a joyous meal together. But this serene vision of family life does

  • A Catholic’s Guide to March Madness

    • Mar 19, 2015

    For fans of college basketball, March is a month of delight. When I was in school, my basketball-obsessed friends and I would do our best to skip class and not miss a game of March Madness. We would hang on every referee’s call as we advocated on behalf of the

  • Was a bum buried in the Vatican?

    • Mar 2, 2015

    Willy Herteleer was a homeless man who lived in the Borgo — the network of narrow streets north of St. Peter’s Square. He went to Mass every day at the Pontifical Church of St. Anne just inside the Vatican walls. The Catholic News Agency quotes his views about Mass: “My

  • Freedom misunderstood: Catholic Democrats and abortion

    • Feb 10, 2015

    As the 2016 US presidential campaign gears up, certain Catholic Democrats are emerging as potential candidates, including Vice President Joe Biden, former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. And with those election-season rumblings comes increased scrutiny to where they stand on the issue of abortion. The

  • My doubts about Oscar Romero

    • Feb 4, 2015

    I first encountered Archbishop Romero when I was an Anglican priest living in England. In 1998, the Dean and Chapter of Westminster Abbey commissioned a series of sculptures to occupy 10 empty niches on the west front of the abbey to commemorate 20th-century martyrs. Their choice of martyrs was deliberately

  • Filipino sisters and social justice

    • Jan 24, 2015

    The recent papal visit to the Philippines shone a spotlight on issues of poverty, corruption, and social justice. Pope Francis urged the Church, as well as the government, to “listen to the voice of the poor,” and called “for the reform of social structures which perpetuate poverty.” It’s not as