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  • Pope Francis: Families are like fine wine, with the best yet to come

    GUAYAQUIL, Ecuador — Pope Francis preached about the importance of the family, which he described as “the nearest hospital, the first school for the young, and the best home for the elderly” in front of several hundred thousand worshippers during the first stop in his three-nation tour of South America.

  • Few priests preached about the pope's encyclical Sunday

    On the first Sunday after Pope Francis issued a landmark document on the environment, Roman Catholics attending Mass in Kenya, France, Mexico, Peru, and the United States said they were thankful that he is using his pulpit to address climate change, pollution and global inequality. But few priests or bishops

  • Was crucifixion necessary?

    Q. I have been a Catholic all my life, but I have never really understood why Jesus had to die for our sins. Couldn’t God have just forgiven us? (Eagan, Minnesota) A. Your question is one that has occupied theologians over the entire history of Christianity. I side with your

  • In homily, pope compares vain Christians to soap bubbles, peacocks

    VATICAN CITY — As fleeting as soap bubbles, showy as peacocks, and shallow as an over-primped star, conceited Christians are building their lives on lies and their faith on shifting sands, Pope Francis said. Everyone is vulnerable to vanity, even Christians, the pope said in a morning homily Thursday. However,


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