• A church, for now, becomes a mosque

    • May 7, 2015

    VENICE, Italy — The 18th-century novelist William Beckford wrote that he couldn’t help thinking of this city’s most beloved sight, St. Mark’s Basilica, as a mosque, with its “pinnacles and semicircular arches” all “so oriental in appearance.” But despite the profound stamp that Islamic culture has left on Venice’s art

    By nyt
  • In Asia, Pope backs interfaith dialogue — with a ‘but’

    • Jan 13, 2015

    COLOMBO, Sri Lanka — Visiting a nation torn apart for 30 years by a civil war that pit Buddhists against Hindus and Muslims, with Christians both bystanders and sometimes victims, Pope Francis was expected to have something important to say about interfaith relationships. He delivered that Tuesday in Sri Lanka,