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  • Art forger once posed as a Jesuit priest to give his work away

    WASHINGTON — If you are of the mind that it is better to give than to receive, then this story is for you. It has to do with Mark Landis. He has spent much of his adult life as an art forger. And he was a good one, as he

  • ‘The Song’ has weak echoes of Solomon

    “I was born the son of a king,” sings the protagonist of “The Song” in an early scene — one of the more explicit moments of self-awareness regarding the story’s biblical echoes. A faith-based romantic drama with a country music milieu, “The Song” — which opens in theaters today —

  • Jewish/Catholic: Religious identity, fluidity, and the Holocaust

    “One is Christian or Jewish, not both.” So says the chief rabbi of Paris in “The Jewish Cardinal” (2013), Israeli-born filmmaker Ilan Duran Cohen’s biopic about Cardinal Jean-Marie Lustiger (Laurent Lucas) — a Jewish convert to Catholicism who insisted on religious dual citizenship, embracing Catholicism without rejecting Judaism. “The Jewish

  • Philippine filmmakers trying to get Ignatius movie made

    A movie in which the sword-fighting hero dallies with the ladies and acquires great power before receiving a grave battle wound and new lease on life could only be the stuff of a modern-day imagination. Or it could be “Ignacio: Sinner Yet Called,” a feature film about the 16th-century Spaniard

  • Ex-POW Jessica Lynch starring in Christian film

    Former prisoner of war Jessica Lynch has landed a lead role in a Christian film. Morgantown-based JC Films is producing “One Church,” being shot this month in Rock Hill, South Carolina. JC Films president and screenwriter Jason Campbell says the drama explores the possible government takeover of churches. It stars

  • Superhero movies and Catholic faith

    Less than two months ago, the British Catholic writer Stratford Caldecott died after a lengthy battle with cancer. In the weeks prior to his death, his name became improbably entangled in a viral Twitter storm that made international news in connection with the superhero movie “Captain America: The Winter Soldier,”


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