• Pope Francis’ remarks during Vespers service at St. Patrick’s Cathedral

    • Sep 24, 2015

    “There is a cause for rejoicing here,” although “you may for a time have to suffer the distress of many trials” (1 Pet 1:6). These words of the Apostle remind us of something essential. Our vocation is to be lived in joy. This beautiful Cathedral of Saint Patrick, built up

  • From Lincoln lectern to traffic, knotty US logistics for Pope Francis

    • Sep 21, 2015

    In New York, Roman Catholic officials have walked Pope Francis’ expected path through the National September 11 Memorial and timed it at five to seven minutes. In Washington, studios for television news anchors are being erected on the roofs of the Catholic University of America. In a quiet corner of

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  • How a lucky few (thousand) New Yorkers got their coveted tickets

    • Sep 19, 2015

    NEW YORK — The lottery began with a roll of dice in a conference room steps away from the pastor’s office. The number that came up, five, determined how many times Joseph V. Dorsa, director of finance and operations at St. Andrew Avellino Roman Catholic Church in the New York

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