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  • US bishops to Congress: Support Iran nuclear deal

    The nation’s top Catholic bishop on international peace and justice issues has a message for Congress: Get behind the Iran deal. Bishop Oscar Cantú of Las Cruces, N.M., sent letters to US Secretary of State John Kerry and Congressional leaders Monday, describing the framework as “important in advancing a peaceful

  • The US sees the Vatican as a partner in limiting nukes

    ROME — Days after a tentative nuclear deal was struck between Iran and the P5+1 nations, including the United States, a senior US arms control official described the Vatican as an important partner in non-proliferation efforts. “The Church is a natural leader in the arena of nuclear disarmament,” said Rose

  • How Pope Francis could help Obama on the Iranian deal

    Popes generally use their Easter Urbi et Orbi address, “to the city and the world,” to pray for peace amid global conflicts. Francis followed that tradition on Sunday, among other things commenting on a tentative nuclear deal between the P5+1 nations, including the United States, and Iran. The pontiff said,

  • Pope calls for end to nuclear weapons, slavery

    ROME — From the beginning of his pontificate, Francis has aspired to be a “Peace Pope,” and in two major messages this week he issued strong pleas for both nuclear disarmament and putting an end to human trafficking, the modern equivalent of the slave trade. “Nuclear deterrence and the threat


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