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  • My prayer: That Francis prevails over the bigots within the Church

    Nothing like the prospect of the Catholic Church “welcoming” gays to cause hysteria in conservative ranks. “Will conservatives turn on Pope Francis?” read the Crux headline on John Allen’s analysis. Will outraged hardliners start a movement to secede? A worked-up priest from South Carolina has written an essay to the

  • ‘Imagine if our kids were fully accepted in the Church’

    BOSTON — They live in a non-descript house on a non-descript street with a Honda minivan in the driveway and Halloween pumpkins, ghosts, and skeleton heads all over the small front yard. Fini, 11, came back from Party City yesterday with her zombie ballerina costume and black lipstick. Emily, 12,

  • Christianity in elite academia? It’s risky business

    Christianity in elite academia? It’s risky business. That’s the conventional wisdom anyway. Yet there was Professor Jeffrey Reimer, chair of chemical and biochemical engineering at the University of California, Berkeley, defying that wisdom this week at another uber-elite bastion of secular humanism, Harvard. “I was a newly appointed associate dean

  • My ‘aunt’ was abandoned by her husband. What was her sin, exactly?

    I was still in my teens when I realized Roman Catholicism could be more cruel than merciful, no matter what the gospel says. That was when a woman I’d grown up with, like an aunt to me, was abandoned by her husband. He left her for her best friend. She

  • ‘God does not see me as a sinner. But the Church does.’

    As the Vatican synod on the family begins, a deeply devout Catholic woman sent the following prose poem to Cardinal Sean O’Malley, archbishop of Boston; Pope Francis, and Crux. Divorced and remarried, she said she will not disobey the Church’s ban on receiving Communion nor seek annulment. She considers the

  • We need a ‘purpose of prayer’ refresher. Fast.

    Some random thoughts on LifeWay Research’s new prayer survey: I was heartened to learn that my fellow Catholics (7 percent) have also stooped to praying for parking spots. What a pathetic bunch we are. Looking back on 40 years of city driving, I have easily logged thousands of Hail Marys


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