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  • Fishing for minnows while standing on a whale

    “If I wanted to be a violinist, I’d have to practice. A lot.” So Sister Mary Margaret Funk, a Benedictine nun at our Lady of Grace Monastery in Indiana, told me in an interview a few days back. She was comparing mastering the violin to progressing on the spiritual journey.

  • Politician singles out gay preacher in victory speech

    It happened in Massachusetts, where gay marriage became legal in 2004 and most residents are way past fretting over who’s gay and who’s not. Still, it’s unusual – if not unprecedented – for a marine combat veteran and politician to single out a gay preacher in his victory speech. Yet

  • Why I’m Catholic

    Maybe you’ve heard some variation on this line: “I’m an American. Just because I disagree with much of what America’s doing, I don’t run off and become a Canadian.” I heard it years ago from a friend explaining why he remained a Catholic despite his massive disappointments with the Church.

  • Want to try an online retreat? Here’s your chance

    If you’d like to try a retreat, at home, via iPad or laptop, here’s an opportunity. Starting Monday, Sept 8, “Care of the Soul” and “Soul Mates” author Thomas Moore, a former Catholic monk, begins a one-month online retreat called “Holy Fool.” The focus is on “lightening up” what may

  • In the realm of spirituality, we’re all flying blind

    A friend of mine from MIT tells a great story about confiding his religious leanings to a colleague, after which that colleague stopped returning his calls. It’s another example of the truism. Many academics suspect believers are dimwits, brainwashed, or lobotomized. If you’re a believer yourself, get ready to feel

  • Gobbling up women, turning off lapsed Catholics

    “We don’t want to gobble up a woman a day.” The Religion News Service made this their Tuesday quote of the day. How about the quote of the week, maybe even the year? “Gobble up a woman?” Who talks like that? Unfortunately, the cardinal leading the church’s so-called “nunquisition” does.


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