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  • No novelty in Vatican reference to ‘State of Palestine’

    One unfortunate consequence of widespread public fascination with Pope Francis is that many people are paying attention to a pontiff for the first time, and thus they tend to assume that everything that happens on his watch must be a novelty. Such is the case Wednesday with a new agreement

  • Pope’s environmental manifesto will be released in June

    ROME — Vatican officials announced Tuesday that Pope Francis’ much-anticipated encyclical letter on the environment is now finalized and is being translated into various languages, with an expected release date sometime in June. The announcement came during a Rome summit on climate change co-sponsored by the Vatican and the United

  • Pope urged to press UN on fight against human slavery

    ROME — Famed economist Jeffrey Sachs, who is now a special advisor to the secretary general of the United Nations, has called on Pope Francis to press the global body to include the fight against human trafficking among its 17 new sustainable development goals. The goals, a universal set of

  • The US sees the Vatican as a partner in limiting nukes

    ROME — Days after a tentative nuclear deal was struck between Iran and the P5+1 nations, including the United States, a senior US arms control official described the Vatican as an important partner in non-proliferation efforts. “The Church is a natural leader in the arena of nuclear disarmament,” said Rose

  • Pope calls for end to nuclear weapons, slavery

    ROME — From the beginning of his pontificate, Francis has aspired to be a “Peace Pope,” and in two major messages this week he issued strong pleas for both nuclear disarmament and putting an end to human trafficking, the modern equivalent of the slave trade. “Nuclear deterrence and the threat

  • The poor want 'dignity, not charity,’ pope says

    ROME — Pope Francis called hunger and malnutrition a cause of scandal on Thursday, and declared that the poor of the world “ask for dignity, not charity.” Visiting the Roma-based headquarters of the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization for the first time, the pontiff called for a more equal distribution


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