• Bishops’ annual Labor Day statement scores ‘excessive inequality’

    Bishops’ annual Labor Day statement scores ‘excessive inequality’

    • Aug 31, 2017

    In a Labor Day message, Bishop Frank J. Dewane said unions must retain and recover their prophetic voice, when they speak on behalf of the poor, the immigrant, and the person returning from prison. The bishop, who is chairman of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development, also said unions should “resist the temptation of becoming too similar to the institutions and powers that it should instead criticize.”

  • A supposedly anti-capitalist pope channels his inner entrepreneur

    • May 28, 2017

    In terms of broad public perceptions, Pope Francis is often seen as hostile to Capitalism and no real friend of corporate culture. Yet on Saturday in Genoa, he delivered a reflection on business activity worthy of a graduate-level MBA program, among other things arguing that exploiting workers isn’t just immoral but also economically self-defeating.

  • Pope Francis: robbing people of work “a grave sin”

    • Mar 15, 2017

    Pope Francis on Wednesday said whoever “because of economic maneuvering and business dealings that are not all transparent, closes factories and businesses and takes work away from men and women commits a grave sin.”