Pope Francis on Wednesday once again called for an “immediate ceasefire” of the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip.

Speaking during his General Audience on Wednesday, the pope said, “Unfortunately, sad news continues to come from the Middle East.”

Israeli airstrikes on aid workers delivering food in Gaza killed at least seven people — including a U.S.-Canada dual citizen and citizens of Australia, Poland and the United Kingdom. It’s the latest Israeli military action to hit humanitarian efforts in the besieged Palestinian territory.

World Central Kitchen, the charity founded by celebrity chef José Andrés, said early Tuesday it was immediately pausing operations in the region, delivering a blow to the recently opened sea route for food aid. Ships carrying food sailed away from Gaza after arriving just a day earlier.

Israel says the strikes were an accident and that officials are investigating. The U.N. says at least 180 humanitarian workers have been killed in the war so far.

On Wednesday, Francis said he expressed his “deep regret for the volunteers killed while engaged in the distribution of humanitarian aid in Gaza.”

“I pray for them and their families. I renew my appeal for the exhausted and suffering civilian population to be given access to humanitarian aid and for the hostages to be released immediately,” the pope said.

“Let us avoid all irresponsible attempts to broaden the conflict in the region, and let us work so that this and other wars that continue to bring death and suffering to so many parts of the world may end as soon as possible. Let us pray and work tirelessly for weapons to be silenced and for peace to reign once again,” he added.

In his address, Francis spoke about justice, calling it “the quintessential social virtue.”

“Its purpose is that in society, everyone is treated in accordance with the dignity proper to them. But already the ancient masters taught that for this, other virtuous attitudes are necessary, such as benevolence, respect, gratitude, affability, and honesty: Virtues that contribute to a good coexistence between people. Justice is a virtue for good coexistence between people,” the pope said.

“We all understand how justice is fundamental for peaceful coexistence in society: A world without laws respecting rights would be a world in which it is impossible to live; it would resemble a jungle. Without justice, there is no peace. Without justice, there is no peace. Indeed, if justice is not respected, conflicts arise. Without justice, the law of the prevalence of the strong over the weak is entrenched, and this is not just,” he continued.

This article just text from the Associated Press.