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    A pastor says the 'Amoris' mess on Communion must end

    From the in-the-trenches perspective of a pastor, the welter of competing guidelines and interpretations of 'Amoris Laetitia' is a mess. Why can't the pope reaffirm timeless Catholic teaching, and set to work to revise the rules for annulments to reflect contemporary pastoral realities?

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    Myanmar cardinal warns 'merchants of hatred' are stirring

    Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, Myanmar's first-ever Prince of the Church, is bringing new attention to an often-overlooked nation, among other things issuing a recent warning that despite positive changes "merchants of hatred" are once again stirring and Myanmar needs help.

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    Why Michael Novak was a true American gentleman

    Giving of himself to others was Michael Novak's great gift. And this great, genuinely Catholic mind, who died Saturday at the age of 83, will continue giving to us through his more than 50 books. Our best tribute to him is to carry on his work, to imitate his spirit.

Editor’s note about Sunday article on Chaput and Trump


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  • Church leaders hope Trump does not repeal conflict-minerals provisions
    Church leaders hope Trump does not repeal conflict-minerals provisions
    • February 19, 2017

    “Too often people in countries rich in oil, gas and minerals haven’t seen the benefits of their own natural resources — and it was the U.S. which led the drive to ensure extractive companies had to be more transparent,” Anne Lindsay, a private sector analyst at CAFOD, Britain’s Catholic aid agency said. The Trump administration aims to turn the clock back in favor of mining companies.


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