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    Barcelona's new cardinal is a non-peripheral pastor to the poor

    Archbishop Juan José Omella of Barcelona is the odd man out among the five new cardinals being created by Pope Francis today, because the Catalan capital is a traditional red hat see. It's a sign of how unorthodox Francis’s cardinal picks have become that the biggest surprise of this consistory was that, in this case, Francis didn’t surprise.

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    Meeting hints Dems may be open to rethinking abortion orthodoxy

    Over the last several election cycles, the evidence has become undeniable that the Democratic Party's rigid pro-abortion orthodoxy is costing it at the ballot box, making a "50-state strategy" essentially impossible. A remarkable meeting on Tuesday between DNC Chair Tom Perez and Democrats for Life suggests the party may be ready to rethink its approach, at least in terms of tolerance for pro-life voices.

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    Pope to new cardinals: You're not called to be 'Princes of the Church'

    In a consistory ceremony on Tuesday widely seen as a surprise when Pope Francis announced it in May, the pontiff created five new cardinals, including four from countries that have never had one before. Francis told the new cardinals they were not being called to become "Princes of the Church," but rather followers of Jesus with their eyes open to the realities of sin.

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  • As Catholic leaders convene, St. Joseph’s College forms the faithful
    As Catholic leaders convene, St. Joseph’s College forms the faithful
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    [Editor’s Note: The following is paid advertising.] In one week, Catholic bishops and diocesan delegates from around the country will convene in Orlando, Florida, for a historic Convocation of Catholic Leaders. Saint Joseph’s College Online Theology Program will be there to offer dioceses educational support and opportunities to form the faithful as they embark on this new adventure.


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  • Holiness gone wild: Spiritual flourishing in diversity and disability
    Holiness gone wild: Spiritual flourishing in diversity and disability
    • June 26, 2017

    Redemptive suffering becomes a witness in the world – and that is one reason why we need the stories of saints who had disabilities. Theologian Pia Matthews has written a new book where she looks at life with her own daughter who has complicated disabilities, as well as how her family has learned to appreciate that the great gifts they have received are not the only gifts on offer.