Smart, Wired, and Independent.

Crux has one mission: To deliver the very best in smart, wired and independent Catholic news.

Crux is smart, in that we do more than skim the surface. We do the deep digs that bring to light the meaning of stories, not just the facts. We’re wired, in that we’ve got access to the people who matter in the Catholic Church, from the top to the bottom. We’re also independent, in that we’re not owned by any institution, and we strive not to lean either left or right.

We were launched as a project of the Boston Globe in September 2014, and we struck out on our own on April 1, 2016. At the time it seemed a slightly risky thing to do, but today Crux is better and stronger than ever.

Our aim is to be a “one-stop-shopping” destination for the best in Catholic news, analysis and commentary. We’re supported by both by our advertisers and by a number of other Catholic organizations, institutions and individuals. We have special editorial interests, such as faith and culture and anti-Christian persecution around the world, but we cover the whole Catholic story.

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