NASHVILLE — Jeremy Bisceglia has been a part of the Catholic Business League from its earliest moments.

He was the first person to whom the group’s founder Greg Mays pitched his idea for an organization where Catholic business people could meet, network and support one another on their faith journey.

“It gives people hope,” Bisceglia said of the organization. “It gives people a safe environment where they can talk about their faith and be empowered. It gives them an energy to live their faith in business and everyday life.”

On Sept. 8, he was named the league’s Catholic Professional of the Year for 2022.

“I am very grateful for this award. I take great pride in my work and serving those around me,” Bisceglia said. “Thank you to the Catholic Business League board for considering me.”

Bisceglia is a past president and a past board member of the organization. But his involvement doesn’t end with the Catholic Business League.

He is the president of the Men’s Club at his parish, Holy Family Church in Brentwood, Tennessee; president of the Home and School Association at St. Bernard Academy in Nashville; and is involved in Room In the Inn, and the Mission Honduras ministry at Holy Family.

He is planning to travel to Honduras in February as part of a team from Mission Honduras, which serves the poor in the Central American country.

The faith of the people that Mission Honduras serves “is incredible,” Bisceglia told the Tennessee Register, Nashville’s diocesan newspaper.

Bisceglia’s family were charter members of Holy Family, and he helped with the founding of the Church of the Nativity in Thompsons Station, Tennessee. He is a graduate of St. Bernard Academy and Father Ryan High School, which also is in Nashville.

He credits the Cursillo Movement, which helps people develop a thorough understanding of what it means to fully live a Christian life, with helping to strengthen his faith.

“I was drifting along through life. I was going through the motions,” Bisceglia said. “Cursillo helped me realize the power of turning your life over to God, letting go and letting God shape your decisions.”

“Cursillo is powerful. I would tell people, give it a shot,” he added, though he admits he sometimes has trouble following the principles of Cursillo every day. “I’m trying.”

“Cursillo” (pronounced “kur-SEE-yo”) is a Spanish word meaning “little course.” Specifically, it refers to a short course in Christian living.

Begun in Spain in 1947, the Cursillo Movement helps practicing Christians renew and strengthen their love of Jesus; grow in faith, knowledge and personal holiness; and bring Christian values to all environments and people with whom they come into contact.

Bisceglia is the vice president and a certified financial planner with Morgan Stanley. He has spent 16 years helping small businesses and individuals achieve their financial goals.

He and his wife, Jennifer, have three sons: Jeremy, a 2022 graduate of Father Ryan and a freshman at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga; Frankie, a junior at Father Ryan; and Alex a seventh grade student at St. Bernard Academy.

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Telli is the managing editor of the Tennessee Register, newspaper of the Diocese of Nashville.