By Christina Reinwald
Crux Staff

Death, taxes, and Catholic school uniforms: Some things in life are certain. Across the country, you can still find the same plaid jumpers, the buttoned shirts with ties, and the school sweaters that have separated Catholic schools from all the rest for decades.

The last major shift in Catholic school uniform fashion was permitting girls to wear slacks — and that revolution began nearly 40 years ago for some schools. Today, some also offer spring/early summer options such as modest cotton dresses or khakis and polo shirts to beat the heat of those wool winter uniforms.

Some students grew up wishing their school colors were anything else. Most color combinations clashed on the daily uniforms. Not many people could pull off wearing maroon, gray, and green in one outfit, and you were surely blessed if you attended a school with simple blue and white or blue and gray uniforms.

Although the typical Catholic school uniform is not exactly practical for kids — white button-down tops that are stained before recess is over, ties for both boys and girls, and knee socks that just won’t stay up — rest assured that they are still modest.