[Editor’s Note: Crux’s Managing Editor Charles Collins suffered a devastating stroke on May 8, and ever since has been in the hospital in the UK where he lives along with his wife Claire and his two boys. We’ve been running a GoFundMe campaign to help Charley and his family through this crisis, and we’re deeply grateful for the support of Crux readers.

Below is Charley’s latest update on his condition – as you will see, the news again is encouraging. Significant challenges, however, remain. Thanks for your prayers, your good wishes, and your contributions to Charley’s recovery.]

LEICESTER, United Kingdom – “Walk, Walk, Walk” – I am now spending more time practicing walking at hospital.

They don’t even touch me! In fact, they have told me they can’t try to catch me if I fall … which adds to the suspense.

My chest hurts less now while walking – especially important since I had that major heart surgery (it seems I am not supposed to ignore it.)

My bowel has become normal, my back sore is improving, and the catheter is gone!

I am still waiting for confirmation of when I am leaving. October 4 has been mentioned, but not confirmed by the doctors, although I have been approved for home medical care.

I am worried about new health issues, namely COVID. I was moved out of my private room so a COVID patient could be moved there. The new room with four people had a new COVID patient, but there was nowhere to move him all day, so I was stuck with him until late at night. My chance of getting COVID is fairly high now, which would extend my stay. (I admit, this situation perturbed me.)

Currently, I am slowly being taught to climb stairs, which is harder than I would have liked. They have changed the measurement of the bed here so it matches the one at home which is lower, so I can learn to lift myself higher – a concern of my wife.

I am trying to get better information about my return home (barring a case of COVID.) I miss my family, and think the hospital stay is a declining benefit, since I have been approved for at home care.

I am bored out of my skull. How bored? I am writing articles on my cell phone for Crux. I tell John he doesn’t have to publish them, but he has. (Please don’t think he is forcing a hospitalized stroke victim to work! It’s all my doing.)

As usual, thank you to everyone for your support. My wife has had to take care of our young children on her own (and with the support of her mother and father), and it will get harder when I get home. It is horrifying to deal with your husband’s stroke and coma, but you can forget what a pain in the rear he is when he’s unconscious – I am a quick reminder when I can actually talk.

John has supported my family from Crux, and friends from around the world have offered their support.

Again, I offer thanks to everyone who has offered us financial support and words of prayer. I am lucky enough to be cared for by the NHS, but there are other pressing financial burdens to prep a house for someone who can’t walk well – especially since houses are generally multi-story in England.

May the Lord our God bless you all.