As a parish leader, you understand the importance of spreading faith, reaching out to people, and making an impact in the community. Whether you’re the pastor, a ministry leader, or part of the parish staff, your goal is the same: to help people know and love God. 

However, reaching more people and engaging them can be a challenge in today’s world. A recentPew Research study shows how in-person Mass attendance among Catholics has decreased since 2019. About four in ten participants indicated that they attended Mass in person as often as they did before the pandemic, and a quarter say that they now attend less often. 

With so many activities competing for your parishioners’ time, it’s not easy to capture their attention and inspire people to join you for worship and community. That’s why Pushpay created a new ebook for parish leaders struggling with engaging their parishioners.  

The ebook, 7 Ways Your Parish Can Reach More People, is designed to offer practical guidance and insights for parish leaders who want to expand their reach and deepen their impact. Whether you’re looking to attract new members, increase attendance, or improve engagement among your parishioners, this ebook can be a valuable resource. Here are some of the topics you’ll find inside:

  1. Parish Website Tips: This is a critical tool for reaching out to current and potential parishioners. People expect to be able to find information online quickly and easily, and a website that’s outdated or difficult to navigate can quickly turn people away. Our ebook includes tips for improving your website’s design, layout, and functionality to ensure it is as accessible and user-friendly as possible. We also cover best practices for creating content that is engaging, informative, and reflective of your parish’s unique community and history.
  2. Social Media Strategy: In addition to your parish website, social media can be an incredibly powerful tool for building community connections and reaching out to new audiences. However, it’s important to have a well-planned social media strategy to ensure you are using these platforms effectively. Our ebook provides guidance on engaging with your followers in a meaningful way.
  3. In-Person Hospitality: The in-person experience is a vital aspect of building a strong community of faith. Our new ebook gives tips and best practices for creating a welcoming atmosphere for first-time visitors, how to use church management software to follow-up, and create intentional discipleship paths for your parishioners. 

Whether you’re a seasoned pastor and parish administrator or a new ministry leader, there’s always room to improve, innovate, and learn. With more than a decade of serving more than 15,000 churches, parishes, and (arch)dioceses across the country, Pushpay is dedicated to equipping parish leaders with valuable content and cutting-edge church technology. Discover how you can improve your outreach by downloading your free ebook today.