• The ‘African moment’ in global Catholicism gathers steam

    • Mar 24, 2015

    Just like assembling a jigsaw puzzle, it’s easier to sort through items in the news when you know what the big picture is supposed to look like. It’s already clear that one of the Catholic megatrends of our time is the coming of age of the Church in Africa, which

  • Odds and ends from the pope beat

    • Feb 9, 2015

    ROME — In the Pope Francis era, there’s never a dull moment on the Vatican beat, and that was certainly true in early February. Storylines ranging from the pontiff endorsing spanking “with dignity,” to a Vatican document blasting plastic surgery as a “burka of flesh” made global headlines. As a

  • Meet Frankie and Benny, the Everly Brothers of popes

    • Feb 1, 2015

    Pope Francis delivered another gesture this week destined to burnish his legend for both humility and reform, deciding that an annual Mass in which newly appointed archbishops from around the world receive their symbol of office will no longer be held in Rome, but in their home archdiocese. That event,