• Vatican hospital proposes experimental treatment for Charlie Gard; case back in court

    Vatican hospital proposes experimental treatment for Charlie Gard; case back in court

    • Jul 7, 2017

    Doctors at the Vatican-owned Bambino Gesù say an experimental treatment had shown “dramatic clinical improvements” in mice and other patients with a similar genetic condition to the one from which baby Charlie Gard suffers. The Great Ormond Street Hospital said on Friday it has applied to the High Court for a new hearing “in light of claims of new evidence relating to potential treatment for his condition.”

  • Aiming at Charlie Gard’s death? The age of creeping infanticide

    • Jul 7, 2017

    Let’s be clear: The “quality of life” and “benefit from continued life” judgments being made in the Charlie Gard case have little or nothing to do with the burden of the baby’s artificial ventilation. No, if Charlie started breathing again after ventilation was removed, the judge would not be pleased with the outcome. He, along with many others, have explicitly made the judgment that Charlie’s life overall is not worth living.

  • Doctors, courts not the enemy in the Charlie Gard case

    • Jul 6, 2017

    Austen Ivereigh worries some of the arguments about the tragic situation of baby Charlie Gard have framed the issue as a case of euthanasia, or an illicit case of state interference in parental autonomy. He says the purpose of not treating a person in these cases is not to kill them, but to let them die naturally, with a minimum of further suffering when that suffering is of no obvious medical benefit.

  • Pope’s hospital says UK doctors won’t let Charlie Gard travel for care

    • Jul 4, 2017

    After offering via Twitter to provide care for UK infant Charlie Gard, who’s suffering from a rare-life threatening disease and whose parents were blocked by a court from taking him to the United States for experimental treatment, an official of Rome’s papally-sponsored Bambino Gesù children’s hospital said Tuesday the parents informed them that doctors in the UK have refused permission for the infant to travel to Rome as well.

  • On the Charlie Gard case, the Church needs to be clear and prophetic

    • Jul 3, 2017

    A decision by UK courts to refuse to allow 10-month-old infant Charlie Gard, who suffers from a rare disease, to travel for experimental treatment, seems a clear case of the “throw-away culture,” and Church statements on the case need to be clear and prophetic — a point Pope Francis himself seems to grasp.

  • Pope Francis backs parents in UK’s Charlie Gard drama

    Pope Francis backs parents in UK’s Charlie Gard drama

    • Jul 2, 2017

    From the beginning, the case of 10-month-old Charlie Gard in the UK, whose parents have been denied permission by a court to pursue experimental treatment for mitochondrial disease in the U.S. has stirred wide debate and alarm. Pope Francis waded directly into the discussion on Sunday, expressing hope that the parents’ desires to ‘care for their own child to the end’ will be respected.