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  • What Jesus would — and Cardinal O'Malley should — do

    Here’s the storybook ending. Today Sean O’Malley, archbishop of Boston, stuns all, backs down, and lets parishioners of St. Frances X. Cabrini Parish in Scituate, Mass., keep the church he’s shut down and wants to unload — but which parishioners have battled to keep open. For 11 years. Around-the-clock. Seven

  • Fate of Massachusetts Catholic church to be determined at trial

    A 10-year-long standoff between dozens of parishioners of a Scituate Catholic church and the Archdiocese of Boston appears to be heading for a trial, with both sides expected to assert that they are the rightful owners of the church. The Boston Archdiocese officially closed St. Frances Xavier Cabrini Church in

  • ‘Mass mob’ fills a church with hopes of saving it

    NEW YORK — The priest looked out Sunday afternoon on a rare sight: Every pew in his church was packed, the crowd so thick that some had to stand. They had come to show support for his church, Our Lady of Peace on the Upper East Side, one of 112

  • 15 Catholic churches in Indiana facing mergers

    Fifteen Catholic churches in southwestern Indiana are being consolidated into six parishes by church leaders. Evansville diocese Bishop Charles Thompson announced the merger plan Friday, but said that none of the churches involved are being closing under the reorganization plan. Thompson says pastors at each parish will determine when Masses


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