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  • Prisoners to be Pope’s VIP guests for jubilee celebration

    Prisoners to be Pope’s VIP guests for jubilee celebration

    • Nov 3, 2016

    Sunday’s special Jubilee for Prisoners will be celebrated at the Vatican, drawing detainees and their families from around Italy and beyond, including Cincinnati, to St. Peter’s Basilica for Mass with Pope Francis and a special reception after.

  • As societal norms change, Catholic groups enforce the rules

    • Dec 5, 2014

    CINCINNATI – Even as state after state legalizes same-sex marriage, and Pope Francis counsels mercy for those in “irregular” situations, Catholic schools and hospitals are cracking down, firing (or threatening to fire) unmarried couples living together, women using in-vitro fertilization, and gays and lesbians – as well as those who

  • Cincinnati may put morality clauses in teacher contracts

    • Oct 16, 2014

    DAYTON, Ohio – The Catholic archdiocese in southwest Ohio is proposing a committee made up of teachers who will advise on future contracts that include morality clauses. The idea has been in the planning stages since last spring amid controversy over teaching contracts forbidding behavior the church regards as wrong