• Vancouver archbishop: Overdose crisis is ‘devastating families’

    Vancouver archbishop: Overdose crisis is ‘devastating families’

    • Feb 19, 2017

    In response to evidence that accidental overdose deaths are on the rise in Canada, Archbishop J. Michael Miller said, “I am inviting the church in Vancouver to respond to the overdose crisis by reaching out to our society’s suffering men, women and young people.”

  • Two-time cancer survivor joins NJ bishops in opposing assisted suicide

    • Oct 31, 2016

    While one terminally ill young women made headlines across the country two years ago by advocating for the right to end her life, another, living in New Jersey, decided to begin quietly campaigning for the right to stay alive, saying, “The sanctity of life is deteriorating … Nobody should be telling you that you don’t have rights to medication.”

  • How should I treat a former priest?

    • Jun 22, 2015

    Q. Our pastor recently left the priesthood, and now he is advertising on the Web that he is available to perform weddings or funerals (including weddings of gay/lesbian couples.) The Catholic priest who married us has also left the priesthood and is now a Presbyterian minister. Both of these men