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  • Pope’s trip to Egypt may be one of those “big deal” moments

    Six years ago, a pope addressed Egypt, expressing outrage over an attack on a Christian church and calling for efforts against religious extremism, and the political and clerical establishment bristled. Now, Pope Francis came to Egypt and said much the same thing, and was embraced. One thing that seems to have changed is the mounting frustration of ordinary people here with terrorism and violence.

  • On day one in Egypt, Francis delivers his Regensburg speech

    Though Pope Francis avoided the incendiary quotation linking the Prophet Mohammed with violence that stirred protest when used by Pope Benedict XVI at Regensburg, Germany, in 2006, he delivered a similar sort of wake-up call for religious leaders in the Islamic world, insisting that violence is a “negation of every authentic religious expression.”

  • Why does the Catholic Church still care about Latin?

    Why does the Catholic Church still care about Latin?

    The Latin language has been dead for hundreds of years, so what are the reasons behind the bond between this ancient language and the Catholic Church? Father Roberto Spataro, secretary of the Pontifical Academy for Latin, answers that not only is Latin the language of many important Catholic texts but it also serves as a connection to the Church’s long heritage.