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  • Why the pope is wrong about “speculators”

    Why the pope is wrong about “speculators”

    Pope Francis blames speculators for the growth of bureaucracy and burdensome regulations that disadvantage “real entrepreneurs, honest managers” to the benefit of “those who can find the means to circumvent controls and reach their goals.” But a better phrase is “crony capitalism,” where large, politically well-connected enterprises compete unfairly against small firms without the same friends in government.

  • A supposedly anti-capitalist pope channels his inner entrepreneur

    In terms of broad public perceptions, Pope Francis is often seen as hostile to Capitalism and no real friend of corporate culture. Yet on Saturday in Genoa, he delivered a reflection on business activity worthy of a graduate-level MBA program, among other things arguing that exploiting workers isn’t just immoral but also economically self-defeating.

  • Pope in Genoa challenges the ‘worldliness’ of Catholic life

    Pope in Genoa challenges the ‘worldliness’ of Catholic life

    In a busy morning, Pope Francis said that the Church is interested in the “dignity of work” because even Jesus was a worker, acknowledged the role religious people have had in the drop in vocations by leading a worldly life, and challenged the young people of Genoa to question whatever the surrounding culture presents as normal, including the fact that the Mediterranean Sea has become a cemetery.

  • Pope Francis to visit Italian city of Genoa in May 2017

    Pope Francis to visit Italian city of Genoa in May 2017

    The Vatican announced on Sunday that Pope Francis will visit the Italian city of Genoa on May 27, 2017, after earlier confirming that he’ll visit Milan in March. Both visits were cancelled this year, which was taken in some quarters as a snub to the cardinals who lead those archdioceses.


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