• Pray for the Orlando victims, and pray for our culture

    • Jun 13, 2016

    The strong desire to do something in the wake of the Orlando massacre, perhaps flowing from justified outrage, is totally understandable. Some insist that prayer is a smokescreen for inaction, but we should pray — not only for the victims, but for a gun-obsessed culture like ours that’s deeply unhealthy and even sick.

  • What does the Catholic Church say on gun control?

    What does the Catholic Church say on gun control?

    • Jun 13, 2016

    Catholics wondering what the Church has to say about gun control in the wake of the Orlando massacre will find nothing firm from Rome, but a clear drift from the U.S. bishops in favor of stronger limits and the eventual near-elimination of guns from American society.

  • US bishops throw support to Obama's gun control proposal

    • Jan 6, 2016

    Catholic bishops gave a shot in the arm to President Barack Obama’s announcement yesterday that his administration will require all gun sellers to register as dealers and complete background checks on all buyers. “Thank God that someone finally has the courage to close the loopholes in our pitiful gun control

  • Does the backlash against prayers mock religion or hypocrisy?

    • Dec 4, 2015

    The backlash against “thoughts and prayers” continues. So does the debate about whether such backlash mocks religion. Lawmakers who offered “thoughts and prayers” to the victims of Wednesday’s San Bernardino mass shooting are often the same lawmakers — all Republicans — who receive large campaign checks from the National Rifle