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  • Trump’s first foreign trip shows the importance of religion

    Madeleine Albright, former secretary of state for President Bill Clinton, argued that American foreign policy neglected the role of religion, and that it should be engaged as a potential force for peace. No doubt that she would be surprised that Donald Trump would be the president to build his first foreign trip on those premises by choosing to visit Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican.

  • Signs that Egypt may have been a papal trip that mattered

    Two recent signs suggests that Pope Francis’s April 28-29 trip to Egypt, when he delivered his strongest-yet denunciation of religious violence and extremism, may have captured a mood. One is the construction of a new Christian church with Muslim support, the other legal charges against a powerful Islamic cleric who called Christians and Jews “infidels.”

  • Religious freedom and Islamic terrorism

    Religious freedom and Islamic terrorism

    Blasphemy laws are used to persecute critics of Islam in many Muslim countries, whether moderate Muslims, Christians or Jews, and to attack so-called “non-believers,” thus forming an impenetrable barrier to any form of acceptance of other religious beliefs and contributing to the growth of Islamic extremism. Ending these laws could set the stage for free expression of religious opinions in the Muslim world and help modernize Islamic societies.