• In 2016, Pope Francis wants a Church on the move

    In 2016, Pope Francis wants a Church on the move

    • Jan 6, 2016

    ROME — Pope Francis closed out the holiday season Wednesday by calling Catholicism to a new sense of missionary hustle, urging the Church to reach out to all the peoples of the world and insisting that “mission is her vocation.” “To proclaim the Gospel of Christ is not simply one

  • Pope says Jesus is everywhere, but often hidden by war and suffering

    • Jan 6, 2015

    ROME — Wrapping up the Vatican’s traditional holiday season, Pope Francis said Tuesday that that the newborn Jesus is “all around us,” but he is often hidden from those enduring difficult situations such as wars, the exploitation of children, torture, and the trafficking of weapons and people. “The crib points

  • Reverence for the Real

    • Jan 6, 2015

    By Epiphany, my street is lined with the dried-out trees and trailing tinsel of a sagging holiday. Poppers and paper crowns await the Monday garbage run. Our New Year’s resolutions are already one week old. And so, of course, as we return to the slog, are we. But wait. It