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  • A balance sheet on first anniversary of Pope’s unique media team

    A balance sheet on first anniversary of Pope’s unique media team

    August 1 marks the first anniversary of an American, Greg Burke, and a Spaniard, Paloma García Ovejero, taking over as the principal spokespersons for the Holy See. On the positive side of things, they’ve established a constructive and trust-based relationship with reporters covering the Vatican, which is no small feat. On the negative, neither is really taken seriously as a genuine insider.

  • Can anything burst Pope’s media bubble? Nah, probably not

    Next March will mark the five-year anniversary of Francis’s papacy, and one interesting question is whether the broad media love affair with Francis will still be in place when that moment comes. John Allen says “probably yes,” because by now the positive narrative surrounding Francis has become so entrenched as to be basically impervious to reconsideration.

  • Interested in Catholic reaction to Francis? Get off Twitter and into the trenches

    If all you had to go by in judging Catholic reaction to Pope Francis were press treatments and social media, you’d think it’s an all-or-nothing war between devoted supporters and fanatical critics. In the trenches, however, what you find is a spirit of root enthusiasm and loyalty, tempered with a critical edge on specific points depending on what’s most important to a particular person.