• Gut-check time in June for both Orthodox and Catholics

    Gut-check time in June for both Orthodox and Catholics

    • Jun 12, 2016

    Catholics may be tempted to see June’s “Holy and Great Council” of the Orthodox churches as having nothing to do with them, but that’s a serious mistake. Catholics have an investment in whether the Orthodox get their act together for theological, pastoral, and political reasons.

  • Bulgarian church says it won’t attend historic Orthodox council

    • Jun 11, 2016

    A spokesperson for the Bulgarian Orthodox Church says its decision not to participate in the “Great and Holy Council,” designed to bring together the heads of all 14 independent Orthodox churches in Crete later this month, is final. Organizers say the summit is going ahead anyway, and Pope Francis is sending a Vatican delegation to observe.

  • Young clergy lead Church in Ukraine on the front lines

    • Oct 24, 2014

    KIEV, UKRAINE — Almost 23 years after its independence from the Soviet Union, Ukraine is, in many ways, fighting two wars at the same time: An internal one against corruption, and an external one with Russia. In both cases, religious leaders are on the front lines — either praying in