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  • Jesus movies and anti-Semitism

    Jesus movies and anti-Semitism


    • Feb 26, 2016

    Deacon Greydanus explains how two movies about Jesus: Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” and Franco Zeffirelli’s “Jesus of Nazareth” provoked criticism because of charges of anti-Semitism, along with the pervasive, extreme violence and blasphemy.

  • Hitchcock’s most Catholic films

    Hitchcock’s most Catholic films


    • Feb 19, 2016

    “I Confess” (1953) is new on Blu-ray from Warner Archive Collection. “The Wrong Man” was recently released on Blu-ray and DVD from the Warner Archive Collection. NOTE: This column contains spoilers. * * * * * A few days ago, in an excellent essay for, Glenn Kenny identified “The

  • Mardi Gras and movies: Easy riders, anthropomorphic frogs

    Mardi Gras and movies: Easy riders, anthropomorphic frogs


    • Feb 5, 2016

    Ash Wednesday is just around the corner, and of course that means so is Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras. New Orleans’ legendary Mardi Gras celebration has been depicted or used as a backdrop in scores of films, though surprisingly few depictions are of any great or enduring note. Abbott and Costello

  • Rickman, Bedford, and their 'Robin Hood' movies

    Rickman, Bedford, and their 'Robin Hood' movies


    • Jan 15, 2016

    This week the world lost three English performers who were all film actors, although the first, David Bowie, was mainly a musician, and the other two, Alan Rickman and Brian Bedford, were Shakespearean stage actors before making any films. Only Rickman was best known as a film actor; Bedford, whose

  • Thanksgiving leftovers: 'Pieces of April'

    Thanksgiving leftovers: 'Pieces of April'


    • Dec 4, 2015

    Thanksgiving is over, but for Hulu users “Pieces of April” has just arrived. It’s also available to Amazon Prime users. Now a dozen years old, “Pieces of April” (2003) is one of the most endearing entries in the dysfunctional family Thanksgiving subgenre. Writer-director Peter Hedges specializes in hopeful stories about

  • Can Muslims and Christians coexist? 'Of Gods and Men' offers an answer

    Can Muslims and Christians coexist? 'Of Gods and Men' offers an answer


    • Nov 20, 2015

    Last week’s Paris terror attacks, and then the renewed controversy over the Syrian refugee crisis and resistance to accepting Muslim refugees into the United States, reflects ongoing concerns about terrorism among Americans. But it also reflects, in some circles, animosity and suspicion toward Muslims in general, or even toward Islam itself.

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