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  • Egypt and the complexities of keeping Christians safe

    • Mar 25, 2015

    Transcendent causes are often born of startlingly clear moral options. Yes or no to equality for African-Americans was the heart of the civil rights movement in the United States, for instance, just as yes or no to self-determination was the basis of decolonization across the developing world. As those causes

  • Exploiting religion and ethnicity in Nigeria helps no one

    • Mar 24, 2015

    LAGOS, Nigeria — In 2006, I worked as an intern for a pharmacist at a state-run hospital in Asaba, a town on the banks of the Niger River, which loosely divides southern Nigeria into east and west. The cases we attended to usually involved pregnancies, tropical illnesses, and an alarming

    By nyt
  • Jordanian prince answers pope’s call to denounce ISIS

    • Dec 15, 2014

    ROME — On the way back from his late November trip to Turkey, Pope Francis challenged Muslim leaders to be more outspoken in their condemnations of ISIS and other forms of religious extremism. In early December, a cross-section of Sunni and Shi’ite Muslims, featuring Jordan’s Prince El Hassan bin Talal,

  • Turkish Muslim leader says pope’s visit is a ‘loud call for peace’

    • Nov 26, 2014

    ISTANBUL — Pope Francis’ upcoming trip to Turkey is considered among the biggest challenges of his papacy, but for the Muslim leader who once welcomed his predecessor, Benedict XVI, it’s a clear sign of the pope’s interest in the Islamic world and a loud call for peace. “We’re experiencing difficulties

  • Pope Francis to exalt Albania as a case study in peaceful coexistence

    • Sep 20, 2014

    ROME — In many ways, Pope Francis’ choice of Albania for his first visit to a European nation outside Italy seems enigmatic. He’ll land in the capital city of Tirana on Sunday for a quick one-day stop, and the obvious question heading in is: “Why?” Albania is the least well-known

  • A Church with verve is at risk in Ukraine

    • Sep 13, 2014

    No one should need persuading that what’s happening in Ukraine right now is alarming. A fragile cease-fire between Russian-backed separatists and Ukrainian forces could unravel at any moment, and even more lives may be at risk this winter as the country scrambles to make up for lost Russian gas. Most

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