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  • Pope’s outreach to Orthodoxy puts ironies in the fire

    • Jul 14, 2016

    Pope Francis will meet another Orthodox icon when he travels to Georgia in late September, a reminder of ironies in Catholic/Orthodox relations on his watch — including that one of the historical legacies of this “progressive” pope could be giving the staunchly conservative Orthodox a greater voice in Catholic life.

  • Orthodox see council as antidote to ‘heresies and ruses of reason’

    • Jul 9, 2016

    Despite the fact that four of the fourteen independent Eastern Orthodox churches of the world opted not to show up, an expert on Orthodoxy insists that the “Holy and Great Council” in Crete in late June was significant, arguing that meeting together to hash out issues is part of the DNA of Orthodoxy.

  • What exactly divides Catholics and Orthodox?

    • Jul 1, 2016

    Eastern and Western Christianity have been divided for a millennium, and although in recent decades both Catholic and Orthodox leaders have made closer ties a priority, some serious issues still remain — including, in the first place, the role and the authority of the pope.

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