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  • Africans to Westerners at synod: We’ve got our own problems

    • Oct 10, 2014

    ROME — During the Oct. 5-19 Synod of Bishops on the family, many of the biggest surprises are coming from the African continent, where the challenges vary greatly from those of Europe and the US. Although the problems differ somewhat from one country to another, the second largest continent in

  • Utah appeals ruling in ‘Sister Wives’ case

    • Oct 9, 2014

    A federal appeals court will review a ruling that struck down parts of Utah’s anti-polygamy law and was hailed as a landmark decision removing the threat of arrest for plural families in Utah. The Utah’s attorney general’s office filed an appeal Thursday with the Denver-based 10th U.S. Circuit Court of

  • Surprise! One of the Church’s family issues is polygamy

    • Sep 11, 2014

    Say “family issues” to most Americans or Europeans, and they’re likely to flash on divorce, or the challenges of single-parent households, or perhaps same-sex relationships and the push for gay marriage. What probably wouldn’t come naturally to mind is polygamy. Yet in many parts of the non-Western world, polygamy is

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