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  • Venezuela’s Maduro says line of Vatican’s top diplomat is ‘regrettable’

    On Friday, the Vatican’s Secretariat of State called on Venezuela to suspend a Constituent Assembly, aimed at re-writing the national constitution. According to Socialist President Nicolás Maduro, the Vatican has succumbed to the “violence against the Bolivarian Revolution, Venezuela’s legitimate government and Venezuela as a whole.”

  • Vatican’s strong Venezuela stand gives backing to bishops

    Vatican’s strong Venezuela stand gives backing to bishops

    In the aftermath of Sunday’s vote for Maduro’s new constituent assembly – boycotted by the opposition – the government seized opposition leaders and continued its killing of protesters in the streets. The Venezuelan bishops stood with the opposition, and with the protesters. Now the Vatican has forcefully called on the government to back down.

  • Vatican calls on Venezuela to suspend constitutional assembly

    In a statement released on Friday, the Vatican called on the Government of Nicolas Maduro to consider the “avoidance or suspension of ongoing initiatives such as the new constitutional assembly,” which would give the president the power to re-write the constitution and govern by decree. The Holy See also asked for the security forces to abstain from “excessive and disproportionate use of violence.”


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