• Francis could be the salvation of the religious freedom cause

    • Sep 26, 2015

    PHILADELPHIA – To be sure, Pope Francis did not come to the United States primarily to deliver a political message but to act as a pastor, encouraging Catholics to hold on to their faith and to put it into action. Like a mantra, he has told them over and over,

  • Pro-life anxiety over Pope Francis’ looming ecological manifesto

    • May 3, 2015

    Vatican officials confirmed this week that Pope Francis’ much-anticipated encyclical letter on the environment is finished and ready for translation, and should be released in June. An “encyclical” is the most developed form of papal teaching, and this will be the very first such document ever devoted entirely to the

  • To keep free of federal reins, a Catholic college is refusing aid

    • Apr 14, 2015

    LANDER, Wyo. — An insurrection is brewing here at Wyoming Catholic College, a tiny redoubt of cowboy-style Catholicism where students learn about horseback riding and Thomas Aquinas, and take grueling mountain hikes conducted entirely in Latin. Citing concerns about federal rules on birth control and same-sex marriage, the school decided

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  • Updates on religious exemptions vs. gay rights conflicts

    • Mar 12, 2015

    Check back here regularly for the latest news on action by lawmakers across the country on measures to allow individuals and organizations to refuse to provide services to same-sex couples on the basis of religious conviction. NORTH CAROLINA North Carolina Senate votes to override governor’s gay marriage veto The state