• Pope Francis asks, where is God amid terrorism?

    • Jul 29, 2016

    Right in the middle of a pumped-up, ‘let the good times roll’ celebration of the faith in the form of World Youth Day, Pope Francis delivered a reality check on Friday — reminding young people of the reality of pain in the world, and insisting that God is found wherever there’s suffering.

  • ‘Stations of the Cross:’ A portrait of religious fervor

    ‘Stations of the Cross:’ A portrait of religious fervor

    • Jul 9, 2015

    There are three ways to look at the German director Dietrich Brueggemann’s “Stations of the Cross,” an austere, beautifully filmed and powerfully acted portrait of extreme religious fervor that slyly flirts with comedy. On one level, the movie, with a screenplay by the director and Anna Brueggemann, his sister, is

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  • On Good Friday, Pope Francis prays for persecuted Christians

    • Apr 3, 2015

    ROME — Pope Francis presided over two Good Friday rites that had at their core strong appeals to protect persecuted Christians around the world, coming one day after Islamic militants attacked a university in Kenya, targeting Christians and killing at least 147 people. Late in the day, the pontiff presided