• Ex-Vatican bank officials charged with embezzlement

    • Dec 6, 2014

    A statement on Saturday from the Vatican bank confirmed that two former managers and a lawyer are facing criminal charges and their accounts have been seized, describing the move as a sign of the bank’s “commitment to transparency and zero tolerance.” The statement appeared in response to a Reuters report

  • If you want more evidence of the Francis earthquake, look at the finances

    • Nov 6, 2014

    Because Pope Francis is perceived as a maverick, almost everything he says or does is taken as a break with the past even when it clearly isn’t. His rhetoric on the economy, for instance, or his recent comments on evolution, are both utterly consistent with established papal teaching, and yet

  • Cardinal O’Malley: This pope brings hope

    • Sep 12, 2014

    Because Pope Francis “walks his own talk,” as Crux associate editor John L. Allen Jr. put it Thursday night during a panel at Boston College, he’s won over the hearts of millions of Catholics. But there are many challenges left to confront – challenges with the potential to shape the church

  • The Synod of Bishops in October could be ‘Must-See TV’

    • Sep 6, 2014

    For those of us who covered a Synod of Bishops at the Vatican during the John Paul II and Benedict years, there was always a slightly surreal “Emperor has no clothes” dynamic about the experience. An all-star cast of bishops from around the world would gather in Rome for a

  • Pope’s money man tightens control over the power of the purse

    • Sep 5, 2014

    ROME — In another milestone along the path to financial reform, Pope Francis’ new “Council for the Economy” met for the third time Thursday, among other things working out details for transfering the Vatican’s power of the purse ever more completely to Australian Cardinal George Pell. The Council for the

  • Vatican claims progress on financial reform

    • May 19, 2014

    The Vatican released statistics today showing a dramatic spike in reports of suspect financial transactions in 2013, framing it not as a rise in illegal activity but as proof that new transparency mechanisms, intended to bring the Vatican in line with international best practices, are working. According to the numbers