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  • When pope backs workers, Vatican laity wonder, ‘What about us?’

    With a flourish he inherited from Argentina’s legendarily populist political force, Peronism, Pope Francis from the beginning has been a vocal champion of labor and workers’ rights, backing measures such as equal pay for equal jobs between men and women, affordable housing and land, and living wages. However, some of the Vatican’s own lay employees would like to ask him, “What about us?”

  • Hey tourists — you helped the Vatican realize a surplus

    Tourists from around the world helped the Vatican post improved financial results in 2014, with the government of the Vatican City State posting a $69 million surplus due in part to strong revenue from the Vatican museums and other “cultural activities.” The Holy See, which is the central government of

  • Surprise! Pope Francis pops in to say hi to the homeless touring the Sistine Chapel

    ROME — A group of homeless people invited for a private tour of the Sistine Chapel received a surprise Thursday: Pope Francis himself stopped by to say hello. “Welcome. This is everyone’s house, and your house. The doors are always open for all,” the pope told those gathered. Reporters and


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