• A ‘bunkered Holy Week’ was Rome’s answer to terrorism threat

    • Apr 17, 2017

    The city of Rome hunkered-down as global terrorism threatens religious festivities following the attack in Sweden and Egypt. As thousands of faithful gathered to celebrate Holy Week in the Vatican, armed forces patrolled the streets, buildings, tunnels and skies to ensure security.

  • Vatican security chief says ISIS threat to pope is real

    • Mar 2, 2015

    ROME — While acknowledging that ISIS represents a real threat to Pope Francis and the Vatican, the commander of the Vatican gendarmes says security services have no knowledge of a planned attack. “The threat exists. This is what has emerged from my conversations with Italian and foreign colleagues,” said Domenico

  • Vatican denies any security threats after the Paris attacks

    • Jan 12, 2015

    ROME — In the wake of the recent Paris attacks, when three hooded men killed 12 people while shouting Islamic slogans, the Vatican has denied a report of a security threat suggesting it may be the next target. “The Holy See maintains its usual, appropriate contacts with the security services,