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  • Why YouTube needs Catholics

    Why YouTube needs Catholics

    “The explosion of streaming video, especially through our phones, means that people are open to the possibilities of what a video can show them. Like any media, streaming videos can be baptized and used to glorify God. Let’s not waste our time!” Steven Lewis, of ‘Steve the Missionary Channel’ on Youtube, said about the idea of a Catholic YouTube.

  • Pope Francis will star in new monthly prayer videos

    Pope Francis will star in new monthly prayer videos

    ROSARIO, Argentina — Popes have long issued monthly prayer intentions, but they’ve never done so in the form of a personal video. Starting Wednesday, that’s exactly what Francis plans to do, starring in his own monthly appeal for prayer on a specific theme. The initiative comes from a Jesuit-run global

  • Live stream: Vatican press briefing on the Synod of Bishops

    Live stream: Vatican press briefing on the Synod of Bishops

    The Vatican’s communications team, along with bishops, hold a media briefing at 1 p.m. Rome time, or 7 a.m. ET., every day after the morning sessions of the synod. These briefings last about an hour; watch them live here.  

  • Live stream: Pope Francis’ US visit

    Pope Francis lands on US soil Tuesday afternoon for the start of a six-day visit that begins in Washington, DC, heads to New York City, and ends in Philadelphia on Sunday, Sept. 27. The Vatican is live-streaming all of the pope’s events; you can watch each of them above. Crux

  • Live stream: Pope Francis’ Cuba visit

    Pope Francis will spend three days in Cuba before his visit to the United States, a trip notable because of the pope’s role in encouraging the United States and Cuba to re-establish diplomatic relations. He will be in Cuba from Saturday to Tuesday. The Vatican is live streaming all of

  • The US Church releases first video on Catholic social teaching

    Catholic Relief Services and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops have released “Care for God’s Creation,” the first of a seven-part video series on Catholic social teaching, the body of moral and social thought central to the Catholic faith. The release comes in conjunction with Pope Francis’ declaration of